A Short Conversation

Day 61

It has been 60 days. Continue reading “Day 61”


In the darkness we covet Continue reading “In”


They told me a long time ago to cover up, to stop looking at people like that. Continue reading “Looking”

Wait Too Long

We sit in the ashes, fragile as eggshells, pacing the room and trying not to make any noise. Continue reading “Wait Too Long”

He Did

He stopped loving her today, and not for any particular reason. Continue reading “He Did”

Practical Things

I heard a story once Continue reading “Practical Things”

How To Exist

In the wake of the evening the light hits the water, and the darkness is falling slowly. Continue reading “How To Exist”

Hide Them

Breathe in the silence of the things we lost, the things we took at cost and everything in between. See the women in the white dresses with big diamonds on their fingers and play to the crown of onlookers that give adoring eyes and tell you she’s perfect.  Continue reading “Hide Them”


Dust settles on the sidewalk here, a chill in the air whistles through her hair and her hands. Continue reading “Hope”

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