I took what I wanted. That’s for certain. It was like a flash of lighting you know? I didn’t know what it was until my eyes were burning and I had to think about it.

It was like a cold sweat running down my back, I think in the magic of a moment I said it would work I said it would be like the cogs had never stopped moving in a cyclical nature.

I said everything was fine. I bought a record player, because I thought I would try to be cool and interesting and hip, and because I like the sound the player makes before the song starts playing.

I started dancing in the living room, because it felt right to swing and sway in front of the old thing that we bought even though the new things are more convenient.

I pulled my arms across my chest, and swayed to the sad old music and for a moment I wished that things were just the tiniest bit less complicated, that things were as they were a long time ago, where words were written on paper, and you had to lug around a record player to listen to music.

Patrick Perkins


5 thoughts on “Music

  1. I too feel that way when I am around something vintage… I long to be there in old times when things were simpler as if that time had the answers to all riddles, it probably didn’t, yet no harm in dreaming.

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