This Is How

This is how 


touches your body in its most indecent moments

This is how


busts out through the gates of hell and into your arms

This is how 

we live

enveloped in warmth in the cold months of the winter

until the sun comes out from behind the shadows and we remember who we are

This is how

love becomes ordinary

in breakfast eggs and morning coffee

in conversations about the weather and about hopes and dreams

This is how

we forget that this is worth something

that everything we fought for was good and true and important

This is how

we stop giving each other love letters

and holding the door

and calling at midnight

and kissing in the rain

This is how

we lose the thing we once were

the thing this once was

This is how

love comes through the door, shatters the glass and ruins the carpets

and leaves you with empty hands

This is how



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