Part Apart


The word feels sticky in my mouth

It means to be close to something, but also to be halved, if your part is part of something that is broken.

A part is also apart,



In deficit of

I parted my hands and my mouth and I gave you this thing you decided was art but not love

When the part is the whole of my heart and my being can it be

Something unfinished

I think that’s why

Because I thought

I am unfinished

I am half

Half of a whole that will fill my soul and I thought maybe our parts would make us something special

But I was the half and also the whole

And I gave it all up

For a broken promise that was swept under the rug and told maybe one day I’ll be good or mature enough

To love

To give more than I take

To look back on love as something more than a part of a mistake.

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Billy Pasco

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