To The Moon

I love you to the moon and back, I know because I went there.

I shot myself into the stratosphere because they said on the moon there was magic dust that would make me all better.

The moon is 384,400 miles away from the earth, so it took me a long time, but you’ve never been anywhere so quiet.

There’s no day or night, but I could see the sun right in front of me spewing hot lava into space.

I went to the moon and I figured it out, all of it, got all whole and fixed and healed and unafraid.

The world is so small from all the way up there, beautiful and blue and silent.

I thought about you being so far away, and I wondered if you thought about me.

I love you to the moon and back, and I came all the way back here with moon dust on my boots and my whole heart to give.

I came all the way back, all the way whole, and you said you missed me but you didn’t think I’d be that long. I could see the marks on your hand from someone else holding it, the deep etching of happy and warm.

I told you I loved you to the moon and back, and that’s what I answered when you asked me what took so long.

Neven Krcmarek