About Me

Thanks for visiting my blog. I practice something called stream of consciousness writing. Most of the stories on here (almost all) are written in one sitting with very little editing save for grammar and spelling. The exercise is meant to unlock parts of the subconscious less easily accessed, and give way to more honest storytelling. A Short Conversation is a collection of stories, thoughts, and general musing about life and the beauty and suffering within the mundanities of life. I like to write like I’m slamming a door; loudly, and with purpose.

-Miri Elm

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Disclaimer: All images used are credited to the source where I found them. If you have the link to the original source (often difficult to find) or you do not want your image on one of my posts, comment or email me and I’ll be happy to edit accordingly!

88 thoughts on “About Me

  1. You have a very interesting blog Miri. I’m so glad to have connected with you. I loved your idea of “stream of consciousness writing”.
    Thanks for the follows as well. :)

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  2. Hey Miri, That is an interesting way to write. Let it all flow, uncensored, whatever it is, and see what you come up with. Thanks for checking out a recent post, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I appreciate it.


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  3. Hello Miri! (is this what people call you by?)
    I just came across your blog, and I love its layout. You’ve got really interesting stories here, so I’ll be spending some time here checking them out. Thank you for following me as well! :)

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  4. My teacher years ago called it Organic Writing. Nearly everything that I do is that same, identical process. I’m glad to see that there are similar writers out there. :-) Keep up the good work!

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  5. Thank you,
    for stopping by.
    I’m just figuring this out.
    your sight is very very polished
    while mine is like a construction site.
    and your work makes me feel.
    and think.
    as for your stream of consciousness style,
    it works .
    I call it ad lib,
    my poetry is worked on sometimes,
    some just there as they come,
    and some come from dreams;
    but my songs, though, are ad lib.
    haven’t figured out how to post those yet.

    You’re welcome to visit my house anytime you want,
    the door is always open,
    I’ll visit again
    after I’ve cleaned you the place,
    and hung some more pictures on the wall.

    con lauda et ama
    Emory Wolf

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