21st Century Love Affair

It’s kind of crazy that this is what it’s come to, when all it takes is a small irrelevant “K-Dot” to stump you.

This is what we’re living in and this is how we work; get on tinder, you need absolutely zero effort. You see, the meaning is out the window, it lands us  straight in love lock limbo, cuz now all you need is a device and a handful of stupid idiotic innuendos to get what you want.

Or what you think you want.

There’s no face to face. People prefer to converse behind a screen, because you can plan what to say and place what they read. Thing is, you could be dynamite through the taps of a keyboard, see her the next day, and be crazily ignored. You don’t speak, you keep listening to stupid advice to hide yourself and true thoughts behind a dumbed up device.

You wouldn’t jump, she wouldn’t dare, this is a 21st century love affair.

You know how we are and baby this time, I’ll make sure you hear me through the wifi. I’ve had enough of this system, I got a thought here so listen, maybe all the this wire is keeping us and our love at a distance.

The only time you see her is when your high and drunk or either. You catch her at a party while you’re pounding your Bacardi. She sees you to the back room, she writes you, she’s in tune. When your done lip-locking it’s over and your thinking it would’ve been better sober. Maybe you could’ve spoken maybe you could’ve gotten a chance to hold her.

“Hold up, what’s wrong?” She’s feeling a little queasy, her nights about to go sunny side up over-the fuck-easy. I guess you know, you two kind’a make a good pair, and look on the bright side at least you get some bonding time while holding her hair. If she was sober she wouldn’t be there, why care.

This is a 21st century love affair.

You know how we are and baby take time. Tomorrow how about we get some late night… Oh you’re a vegan? I had no idea, that’s kind’a funny cuz we’ve been hooking up for a while… I probably should’ve known that. How ’bout me and you go get some rice cakes. Or would that be a mistake?

Chivalry’s gone that’s why we got this mess, it’s going nowhere, it’s causing me useless stress. What does she think of me? Or is she into me? You see the energy’s the enemy it’s clear to me. Like the Jays to my Kansas, or the paint to my canvas.

It’s how I feel and you can hear it in my stanzas. I’ve been the supporter, I’ve been the victim, I’ve been the best friend to predict’em.

 This isn’t love and this isn’t fair.

Welcome to a 21st century love affair.

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27 thoughts on “21st Century Love Affair

  1. I certainly agree with all this you wrote.

    What ever happen to interacting face to face conversations?
    Getting to know that person, lover, etc..etc.

    I know exactly how you feel about this. I’ve been there and I’m struggling myself too…everyone just seems stupidly safe behind their stupid screen. Confidence lacking, and no one has anything to say anymore.

    Thumbs way up! my friend. :)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Let me correct myself – by screen idiots, I mean the idiots you lie or cheat with his/or her boyfriend or girlfriend. Someone who doesn’t take their time to want to meet up and have a cool awesome conversation about life or anything else. That’s what I meant to say.

        Liked by 1 person

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