Homeless Hat Productions

When I was eighteen I would sit in the park for hours and watch people pass by. I would sit and think about the world and life, and lament just sitting in the park watching people go by. I would bring a notebook, and maybe make up stories but mostly just write about myself and my life.

I remember this one time a boy I had met sat on the bench with me, and took my notebook and drew a rose in it, and I thought i was in the middle of a movie scene. He was tall and thin and cocky and British. He had this air about him that was untouchable, and even though I wanted to nothing happened. He had decided he was going to be a very religious man, talked about it all the time. I sort of felt bad, sitting in the park with this trying-to-be very religious boy while he drew me flowers in my notebook.

He said he was going to be an artist, and signed the flower “Copyright Homeless Hat Productions”, I guess he thought it was funny. And sometimes I think about him, this beautiful boy in this fleetingly beautiful moment that we had and then was gone. I couldn’t tell you where he is now, I couldn’t tell you if he became a very religious man or not, I might not like the answer if I tried to look for it. I like to think of him like that always, eighteen years old sitting in the park drawing me a flower, signing it with ambitions that never came to fruition.

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7 thoughts on “Homeless Hat Productions

  1. Thank you for creating this beautiful, truthful thing. It made my day better to be able to read beautiful prose today. You have an exceptional skill, and I hope you keep writing, because great artists make the world a better place for everyone to live in.

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