Maybe I Am

There’s an emptiness sweeping the valleys between my finger tips.

A darkness cooling over the warmth that once was your lips.

You’ve caught my eye, stolen my stare.

A dream but yet a nightmare.

Sailing away in her oceans brings me to a blissful sadness

Maybe it is her I’m missing

Maybe it is the thought of missing someone

I’ll draw beyond time and space and relieve you from my mind

I’ll slip into an everlasting daze of thoughts that I once left behind

I’ll want to but I won’t let myself give in

I’ll hold dear across the moon

The streetlights they say something new

The feel inside says only you

What purpose do these hollowed hearts serve me.

You in my arms, a heaven till you desert me.

I’ll dream things out along the way.

Dream – dream lest you desert me.

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Jake is a contributor to A Short Conversation. If you would like to be a guest blogger, please contact us through the contact page. 


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