Hello My Name Is ______

His name tag said hello my name is _______

Along with all the others here for this reunion

All wearing muted ties with yellowed skin and slackened jaws they walked the room.

Some with tall champagne glasses

Others with stiff whisky that swills around and spills on your hands letting a pungent smell into the air.

Blue and red name tags

Everyone has a profession

Some have even added “hello my name is ______ and I work as a _________.

Can you imagine?

He wanted to be an astronaut, but he didn’t have good eyes

And unfortunately he was not that dedicated.

Her, in the corner, she dreamed once of being a writer but instead she writes ads for the newspaper.

He never did find someone to love

And they all have name tags and they all walk through, shoulders back and trying to seem proud of who they have become.

Hoping that no one will notice the silent apology they are saying for being quite so ordinary.

36 thoughts on “Hello My Name Is ______

  1. A wonderfully precise and explicit piece of writing. The name tag and tie colour details reminded me of Chuck Palahniuk’s prose, but where he uses these kinds of details as a backdrop to the results of the enormously fractured psyches of his fantastically broken characters, you deliver a much more personal and universal pain. Instead of presenting monstrously effected people to subjectively observe, you deliver an immediately recognisable situation that allows for your last stanza to deliver an almost accusatory punch to the gut to some of the most closely guarded and intimately held feeling so common to so many – lost, abandoned or thwarted ambition.

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  2. I really like this unique take on the reunion.

    I attended my first reunion last Summer. It went really well actually. Cathartic. I think being far enough away from High School helped immensely. The large quantities of beer probably helped too.

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  3. // how come u get loads of comments? // i get nothing. // only likes // likes i like tears // i don’t them .//. comments and follows // thats what i need . and love. // thank you xz


      1. Thank you so much! I really felt like I was at a reunion walking along with you as you described them. Like we were ghosts mingling unseen as you told me there inner stories. So very cool.

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  4. “He wanted to be an astronaut, but unfortunately he wasn’t that dedicated…” / “She wanted to be a writer, but instead she writes ads for the newspaper…”

    Really poignant and heartbreakingly real. Makes you want to chase your dreams harder after reading ❤️

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  5. // reunion? i don’t even go to important things in my life // i like your blog. i love how feminine it is. // blog on\off\on . // thank you xz


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